Motor City Comic Con – 2017 Recap

Motor City Comic Con – 2017 Recap

This is me with Herbert Jefferson Jr.

This is me with Herbert Jefferson Jr.

I know this is a little late but here are some pics from the 2017 Motor City Comic Con in Novi, Michigan. I had a great time and really, really enjoyed being there. A special shoutout to Herbert Jefferson, Jr. He was Boomer in the original Battlestar Galactica and he was extremely kind and was nice enough to share special insights with me and take a picture for my friend Phil. I would also like the thank the fine people in charge of the Motor City Comic Con for allowing me the opportunity to cover such a great event.

There were a ton of notable speakers and lots and lots of cosplayers. I truly enjoyed the costumes and the sheer ingenuity that went into the process of making them

If you did not make the event. I also included some 360ยบ video courtesy of those great guys over at Krystal Visions. Here’s the deal though, if you want to know who the winners were you will have to head over to the website for the Motor City Comic Con for yourself and don’t forget to go next year.

*Im still editing and adding pics. So it will take a minute for everything to upload*

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May 29th, 2017

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